Tribal Hearts Festival 2021: Last Call for Early-Bird Tickets

Header Image with title: Tribal Hearts Festival: Last Call for Early Bird Tickets

Sadly, this year’s Tribal Hearts Festival will be the last. There have been many victims of COVID-19 beyond those who caught the virus. But there is still time to show the organisers that we love this beautiful gathering of like-minded families. Early-bird tickets are still available for a limited time if you want to save money on bringing your family to this unique event.

Tribal Hearts Festival colourful sign with happy child stood next to it.

What is Tribal Hearts Festival?

Tribal Hearts Festival is a celebration of nature and parenthood. Activities combine elements of natural living with family life. People who participate enjoy fantastic support in raising happy, healthy, well-rounded children.

Activities include:

  • Live music
  • Scrumptious food
  • Camping
  • Workshops
  • And much more…

The emphasis is on creativity and play to allow our children to learn and express themselves. All of this contributes to building confidence and broadening the mind, creating great memories at every step.

Children learning to kick a rugby ball at Tribal Hearts Festival.

Why We Love Tribal Hearts Festival

We have made a commitment in life to live more sustainably and raise a healthy, happy child. Matilda-Niamh has missed out on so much as a consequence of COVID-19 lockdowns. In Tribal Hearts, we see an opportunity give her valuable, character-building experiences. That is why we are going, in a nutshell.

We have also taken the opportunity to be ambassadors for the final festival in 2021. This means we have been given a unique code to share with our followers, which will allow you to save 10% when buying tickets (find the code in the conclusion to this post). In exchange for promoting in this way, we get money off our tickets for every person that uses our code. But that is not the sole reason we want to support the event…

We admire the work of the festival organiser, Vanessa. Our children’s future is paramount, and this festival can help safeguard that future in two ways:

  1. Offering enriching experiences that promote healthy development and build confidence.
  2. Promoting attitudes and practices that encourage participants to safeguard our precious environment.
Children learning in the woods at Tribal Hearts Festival

What is Happening to The Environment?

If you are not aware of the threats to our children’s future, we’ll break it down for you:

  • Rising carbon levels are causing climate change. This destroys habitats and causes devastating weather events. It also leads to rising sea levels and renders soil unusable.
  • Massive deforestation to feed our appetites is displacing wildlife. It also removes millions of trees that absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Plastic pollution from our waste is poisoning soil, water, animals and even people.
  • Animals are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, threatening diversity and unbalancing ecosystems.

There is much more to add to that list, sadly. In short, many of the behaviours that we have accepted as ‘normal‘ are destroying our home. Change needs to happen now, and many are campaigning for this. But we also need our future generations to understand the importance of sustainable living.

Tribal Hearts Festival can help us introduce our children to the beauty and glory of nature. It can also furnish them with knowledge and tools to develop healthier approaches to living, such as zero waste shopping.

Statistics show that school-age children worry about their futures because of environmental concerns – known as ‘climate anxiety‘. We are responsible for this, and we can bring about change, even in small ways.

Save Money On Tickets to Tribal Hearts Festival 2021

If you head over to the Tribal Hearts website now, you will see that EARLY BIRD camping tickets for the summer 2021 festival are still available. These are tickets offered at a reduced rate for buying early. Grab yours today and enter the following code at checkout:


That will give you a further 10% off the cost of your tickets! We really hope to see you at the festival – let’s show the organisers how much we appreciate their hard work.

Will you be going? Find us on Instagram and follow us to stay up-to-date and let us know your plans! We’d love to hear from you.

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