Sustainable Living…Simplified

Sustainable living isn’t just for some – everyone can learn to make gentle lifestyle changes that help protect the environment. Follow our journey to learn how an ordinary family can live more sustainably.

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  • Tribal Hearts: Reconnecting and Realigning
    From the 13th to the 16th of August, we were at a lovely campsite in Bedfordshire attending Tribal Hearts Festival. It was part of a very busy month for us, and definitely turned out to be the highlight!
  • Tribal Hearts Festival 2021: Last Call for Early-Bird Tickets
    Sadly, this year’s Tribal Hearts Festival will be the last. There have been many victims of COVID-19 beyond those who caught the virus. But there is still time to show the organisers that we love this beautiful gathering of like-minded families. Early-bird tickets are still available for a limited time if you want to save…
  • Tony’s Chocolonely: To Cancel Or Not To Cancel?
    Tony’s Chocolonely has made headlines recently after being removed from a list of ethical chocolate makers. But is the controversy justified?
  • How the Youth Climate Movement Has Inspired Us
    The youth climate movement has been a constant source of inspiration for us. From Greta and the #FridaysForFuture campaign to the endless enthusiasm for a better tomorrow, it is the young people that give us hope.
  • Why the CEE Bill Should Matter to You
    The CEE Bill (Climate & Ecological Emergency) has been created by members of the Big Ask campaign. A number of eminent scientists, academics and lawyers contributed and it is being introduced to parliament this month (September 2020).

Welcome to Eco Misfits

Photo of Kaya, Will and Matilda-Niamh, aka the Eco Misfits, in front of Flanders Moss in Stirlingshire.

We are Kaya, Will and Matilda-Niamh. We’re a normal family from the UK who decided to take a journey towards sustainable living!
Having a baby can change the way you think about life. For instance, when Matilda-Niamh was born, we began thinking about the world beyond our own lifetimes. As a species, we create an incredible amount of waste and pump a lot of pollution into the air. We also exploit the privilege of having access to our planet’s natural resources. In short, we consume too much, and our appetites are taking a toll on our home.

  • You know about climate change and the destruction of habitats.
  • You’ve seen the protests from Greta Thunberg and groups like Extinction Rebellion.
  • Unnecessary packaging and your own energy consumption have bothered you.

It can feel like sustainable living is a big commitment that requires a huge lifestyle change. Surely, those protestors you see on TV are all outsiders living an alternative lifestyle, right? WRONG!
The reality is that there are countless little changes you can make. Moreover, they aren’t life-changing, and you don’t have to make them all. But every change you make is a contribution to the cause. For this reason, we have created Eco Misfits as a way of helping ordinary folk identify changes they can make.

Follow our journey and we’ll tell you about the things we’ve tried. We’ll let you know what’s easy to implement into your life and what isn’t. You’ll see how the changes we’ve made have brought us joy, frustration or something in between. Above all, our journey is not radical or hugely alternative – it’s simple, fun and rewarding!

Simple Sustainable Living

Thank you for visiting Eco Misfits and beginning to think about sustainable living. We hope you find our thoughts and experiences helpful and we wish you well on your own journey!

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