You ask: “Can I live more sustainably?” Well, we’re doing it, and we are no different from you! We’re the Eco Misfits and we don’t really fit any traditional mould!

  • We DON’T own our home.
  • We’re NOT living a radical kind of lifestyle.

Our story will be a familiar one for many families across the world.

Kaya and Will have been together since 2017 and Matilda-Niamh joined the family in 2018. It was soon after her arrival that we started asking ourselves if we could live more sustainably. We took a look at the things we do every day and began researching ways to cut down our waste in all of them.

This meant the way we shop, eat, care for Matilda-Niamh, care for ourselves, spend our leisure time, travel, etc.

Live more sustainably with Eco Misfits - beautiful lilac-coloured flower

Thinking Outside the Box to Live More Sustainably

We are learning that every “mainstream” way of doing things is wasteful and inefficient. But we don’t want to be preachy about it – we understand that some things are important to people. There are certain things that we feel (or felt) that way about too. This is why we advocate focusing on the changes you can make.

We are sharing our journey to live more sustainably so that others can see just how achievable it is. We don’t encourage you to make radical upheavals to your lifestyle; only to work gradually on what you can. If political activism isn’t for you, there are still plenty of ways you can be a part of progress – our power is in choice!

We would love for you to join us in changing the way you consume so that companies start to take notice. Change won’t come from a few people doing it perfectly. It will come from many people doing it imperfectly. And we’re sure you’ll find – like we have – that bigger changes feel more achievable once you’ve made some smaller ones!

Most of all, we want to get to know you and your story by letting you get to know us. The eco-community is full of wonderful people and we’d love to welcome more of you into it!

Meet the Eco Misfits…

Live more sustainably with Kaya in the sunshine with flowers in the background.


Kaya is a former cinema manager who is now looking after Matilda-Niamh at home. She is the driving force behind the Eco Misfits, managing the Instagram profile and always finding ways we can live more sustainably. Kaya is a graduate of Stirling University with a Masters from King’s College London and she is passionate about nature and protecting the environment.

Without Kaya, there would be no Eco Misfits, so if our story helps you to live more sustainably, you can direct your thanks towards her! 🌱

Live more sustainably with Will standing in front of picturesque Japanese garden.


Will is father to Matilda-Niamh and works from home as a freelance copywriter. He is also a musician with indie record label Latent’s Records. Will shares Kaya’s passion for the environment and thrives off the learning process of their eco journey. He provides the written content for Eco Misfits to help tell the story of working to live more sustainably.

Will is incredibly proud of Kaya’s hard work on the family’s sustainability journey and hopes her efforts at sharing the journey will inform and inspire others. 💚

Live more sustainably with Matilda-Niamh, a toddler standing amongst some lush greenery wearing a pastel coloured dress.


Matilda-Niamh (pronounced Neve) is the daughter of Kaya and Will and the centre of their lives. She is being raised to appreciate and respect nature and, hopefully, change the world one day! She is the inspiration for Eco Misfits and her appreciation of life is helping her parents reconnect with the essence of being a human being.

Matilda inspires her parents to live more sustainably, enjoy the simpler things and appreciate a world without hopeless consumerism. We can learn so much from our children – we just have to be open to their lessons! 🌸